Thursday, November 15, 2007

Remembering Nagasaki

Today we observed a website called "Remembering Nagasaki". It was created in 1995 to commemorate the anniversary of the Atomic bombing of Japan. We looked at photographs by Yosuke Yamahata, who photographed the city only days after the blast.

"Human memory has a tendency to slip, and critical judgement to fade, with the years and with changes in life-style and circumstances. But the camera, just as it seized the grim realities of that time, brings the stark facts of seven years ago before our eyes without the need for the slightest embellishment Today, with the remarkable recovery made by both Nagasaki and Hiromshima, it may be difficult to remember the past, but these photographs will continue to provide us with an unwavering testimony to the realities of that time."- Yosuke Yamahata

After looking at the site we dicussed the following questions:

1. How do these images impact you?

"After observing these brutal images i came to the conclusion that the images should be advertised more openely. The victims pain was very well captured in these photographs. These images had a great impact on me an all my class mates im sure it will have a great impact on the rest of society as well. "

"As I observed the explicity of these pictures I felt sorrow for the people. This also show that everything is not always good and well."

"When I witnessed the horror of these photos, I believe that something has to be done. I felt pity for these people and how terrible there lives must have been. When the photographers take pictures of these poor people, they should find a way of helping them as well instead of just taking pictures. I can only imagine how tragic their lives have been."

"After viewing these images it showed me the real outcome of WAR and theres nothing postive that comes out of it."
-Steef J Cruz

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